"You have been fair, tough and helpful."

We take pride that coaching is the flagship of our leadership development initiatives.  Each engagement begins with personal interviews with you and your stakeholders to take an up-to-the minute panoramic snapshot of your immediate concerns.  From there we partner to create the best course of action to unfold sustainable development at the personal, team, and organizational levels.

In our experience, each client could use some reflection and mirroring in specific leadership competencies.  Usually, this is the most challenging aspect of our leadership that even our closest colleagues seem to hesitate in giving clear, accurate feedback around.  Not only do we bring you an accurate snapshot of current leadership strengths and gaps, we help you develop your strengths in order to meet the needs of not only yourself, but also of those around you.

1.     Determine Initial Objectives of Coaching Relationship for Individual, Team, and Organizational Success

2.    Collect 360Assessments with Identified Stakeholders at multiple levels

3.    Refine Coaching Objectives to satisfy stakeholders' needs and actively begin coaching program

4.    Facilitation of Real-Time Observation and Coaching with consistent feedback from stakeholders