Your leadership reaches 3 levels of influence...


1.  Your organization

2.  Your direct team

3.  Yourself



Clients say:

"I want to thank you for the leadership coaching you provided during these past months.  It has proved to be very successful and valuable to my future career development. I believe that the coaching provided the skills necessary for my supervisor to make the decision to make me a V.P. during this time.  My leadership skills such as strengthening team relationships and strategic thinking have been significantly strengthened.  You have been fair, tough, and helpful."

"Unbelievably generous with time, advice, and expertise."

"I appreciate your willingness to talk about your reasons behind each activity you asked me to engage in.  I understand now your style of coaching others to do what you do.  You really modeled what you were asking of me.  Your meta-level strategic discussions were challenging, but I also appreciate the shifts that this understanding specifically allows for me...that is, to work this same way internally with my direct reports."

"An outsider's perspective can make all the difference.  It's helpful to acknowledge this."

“The coaching experience created the space for me to work on defining my north star for where I aspired to be both personally and professionally in the next 3-5 years.  Peggy steered me through the modules and helped me identify patterns of behavior as well as name the gaps between where I am and where I'd like to be.  I particularly appreciated Peggy's patience with me in the early days during which I struggled to find clarity.  She persisted in gently nudging me forward until I had crafted a vision that rung true to me.” 

"It's beneficial practicing the topics we talk about during coaching back in the "real world" of my day-to-day operations...then, coming back and discussing what worked and, importantly, what didn't in our dialog format.  I always look forward to asking you my list of questions that come up throughout the week."

"The coaching made me rethink some of my approaches and definitely presented a new perspective on my situation."

"Your help in identifying the issues that are arising, and your time with my colleagues was also a tremendous boon-thank you!"

"Practical beyond theory."

“I came to Peggy at a real cross-roads in my life, and I was driving without a map.  Peggy became my GPS.  My way-finder.  Her experience, focused listening, thoughtful feedback, reflective study all combined to help me start with a fresh, blank canvas, digging deep inside."

" I had no idea what I was getting into with Team Development. I just sensed a serious need for people to get better connected to each other. RCG introduced several team processes including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, conflict resolution, effective meetings, team problem solving, outdoor leadership course, and Dialogue. Making the training a part of a working team, sharing common experiences, really helped the process of change for our team."

" Our group had experienced several conflicts because each of us had walked into meetings with an intention to champion our own work and came out of Dialogue with the realization that it was ALL our own work and we had to plan together how to accomplish it. What the Dialogue process brings to a situation is a clarity of understanding that makes the next steps pretty obvious and therefore easy to agree upon."

"The Cross-Cultural Manager-as-Coach course was very helpful. During the lunch break, I had a call from Europe and remembered what we covered in the morning session. I think I was able to accurately determine what was going on from a different point of view and saved myself some redundant steps. This is one of the most useful trainings we've had in a long time."