Peggy Sebera


Peggy Sebera




Peggy Sebera, M.S., Executive Coach

Founder of Renaissance Consulting Group in 1990.  

Peggy has 30 years of experience coaching organizational leaders and their teams. She coaches from an integral model, assisting leaders to develop a strong sense of personal mastery and collaboration with others within their organizations. She has worked extensively with teams and leaders in high-tech companies in Silicon Valley.  She has provided leadership coaching, team building, and meeting facilitation to individuals in financial institutions, hospitals, the hospitality industry, & non-profit organizations.  Peggy has a master's degree in Psychology From Trinity University and is a certified professional coach.

Peggy says, "I feel deeply connected to the leaders whom I coach. I try to walk with them in their path....and offer practices that can assist each one on the road to imagining and fulfilling their vision". 

Prior to establishing her consultant/ coaching practice, she worked in Human Resources and Organization Development for large corporations. She knows the language and practices of small and large businesses, and inspires individuals to act with greater clarity in their business practices.  

Peggy is a role model and coach for men and women who desire to evaluate their life work and create an inspiring future. She forged a significant shift in her own life with a dual career as an artist.  She is a passionate landscape artist, showing her paintings in Northern California, where she lives with her husband.

Clients say:

"I recommend Peggy as a coach. This was the best investment in my future happiness I could have made, for my career and for my family."

"Peggy is an incredible teacher and guide.  She has a deep and caring desire to help you find your way, and was so good at guiding you through a process that allows you to be in the driver’s seat.  The best way to learn something is to figure it out yourself, and this is exactly what Peggy lets you do.  Working with Peggy is not all about simply listening; it is about doing.  It is about putting the hard work into yourself, digging deep, knocking down all the walls, and rebuilding.  She's there by your side the whole time, but ultimately, it’s you who carries the load to the summit of the mountain.”

"There is that great teacher in life that changes the life of a student in a profound way.  In my life, that's Peggy. I learned to listen with objectivity to what thoughts and feelings others might have around me. Resilience is the other critical learning I gained from Peggy...learning to look past being stuck, letting go so life can move on again."


T. Glen Sebera

T. Glen Sebera

"Glen is amazing at going straight to the core issue

and coming up with relevant, concrete actions."


T. Glen Sebera, M. A., develops and delivers successful leadership coaching programs for individuals and teams in Asia, Europe, and North America.    

In addition to serving clients from over 70 countries, Glen delivers training and coaches around Emotional Intelligence and Diversity at UC-Berkeley, Coaches for UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business Executive Leadership program, teaches Human Capital Management with Georgetown University Global Executive MBA program, trains coaches to consider a truly global perspective in their assessments and solutions through the Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication at Reed College, and developed a course to highlight the gifts and frustrations of Introverts and Extroverts to bring out the best in each other for MBA candidates at EADA in Barcelona.

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coach Federation since 2003
Certified Integral Coach since 2003
MBTI certified since 2005

In his free time, he likes to walk near the ocean, tango, read about sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, phonology, and help out with the dishes where the really good conversations happen.