"Our group had experienced several conflicts because each of us had walked into meetings with an intention to champion our own work and came out of Dialogue with the realization that it was ALL our own work and we had to plan together how to accomplish it."


We love people.  We love teams. 

We know teams have their own flavor of dynamics and ways of working together that emerge from their initial inception and adjust accordingly to many changes over time.  You are well aware that even one person joining or leaving a team can have an impact on the healthy functioning of a team. 

How do you manage these transitions?  What do you do when constant change is a hallmark of your industry?

What kind of culture are you building in your organization and how is each individual holding integrity around maintaining a healthy culture?

"Clear Communication" is a foundational training and coaching program that builds and sustains efficient and productive teams even as members come and go.

We believe that an organization should create and support a culture that allows each individual to contribute in a way that is meaningful for them.  We hold our clients accountable for creating a culture that builds trust and commitment for everyone involved.  This includes looking at how we hire and even what we look for during performance reviews and who moves towards leadership positions.


When is the last time you checked your team's pulse? 

And had fun doing it?