100% of our work is Global; 72% takes place in the Bay Area.  We travel everywhere on the planet especially around our own neighborhood.


Each and every client that we work with has ZERO degrees of separation with global dynamics.  That may involve peer-to-peer interaction between colleagues from different geographies or involve a marketing campaign to a new demographic.  Knowing when to take a leadership view from a global perspective and when to ignore this perspective to focus on individual performance is a critical competency leaders need to incorporate.

We get you there.

There is a specific subset of leadership skills required to navigate a global geography.  You either know when to include it or else a vital perspective is missing from your leadership toolkit and your organization is not maximizing potential from all possible perspectives. 


"I think I was able to accurately determine what was going on from a different point of view and saved myself some redundant steps.  This is one of the most useful trainings we've had in a long time."